Think hedgehog before you strim !

Hedgehogs regularly lose limbs and facial features because of strimmers

Now is the time of the year where folks get out into their gardens to tidy up their lawns. However, this is also the time of the year where many hedgehogs receive nasty injuries due to strimmers and lawnmowers.

So, a heartfelt appeal to all those about to embark on lawn and garden maintenance – think hedgehog !

Hedgehogs will normally curl up into a ball when they sense danger, and that includes loud machinery such as strimmers or mowers. They will not run away, and this is when they can get sliced by us humans.

A very simple avoidance tactic can be employed by everyone – check your long grass or piles of leaves carefully for a dozing hedgehog. If there’s one there, either relocate the hog or better still work around it.

Sadly, many hogs which come into conflict with strimmers or mowers suffer horrendous injuries and many have to be put to sleep or spend the rest of their lives in an enclosed garden due to lost limbs or blindness.

Checking your long grass should take no longer than a minute or two – please do think hedgehog before embarking on your garden toil !