Getting ready for the Autumn rush

hedgehogOne of the busiest times in the year for hedgehog carers starts now as the race is on to find, fatten up and release recently born juveniles.

Hedgehogs can have two litters per year, one in early Summer and a second one in late Summer/early Autumn.

The hoglets born late in the year suffer an extreme disadvantage the moment they are born by dint of the date they enter the world. Hedgehogs have to put on weight at an alarming rate in anticipation for hibernation, with experts suggesting a hog under the weight of 600g would not survive hibernation.

Unfortunately, this means many Autumn youngsters fail to make it as they simply do not have enough time to eat the necessary amount of food to build up fat reserves for the winter.

Thus many rehabbers will search out these youngsters in an attempt to rescue them, feed them up and (hopefully) release them before the weather really turns cold. Sometimes, however, the youngsters have to stay inside with the rehabber for the whole of the winter and only allowed to hibernate once they reach the all important 600g weight.

It’s a busy time for all hedgehog rehabbers.