Joined up thinking helps Snuffles

When we received a call from a couple in Dunstable we were a bit taken aback, given the distance between us and them. However, the lovely couple had picked up a hoglet scurrying around near a busy road, whilst other people just ignored it.

Snuffles is doing well

Giving the couple advice about emergency care (heat, rehydration, a box to sleep – see here), we also gave them the number for Bedfordshire Wildlife Rescue in Houghton Regis, and via Facebook we let Sam at that centre know the couple would be in touch.

We’re delighted to say that the hoglet, named Snuffles (okay, we suggested the name !), is doing very well, despite having a wounded jaw and several broken teeth, and has put on 100g in weight since the couple rescued him.

Hedgehog carers and wildlife rescue centres up and down the land do work very well together, and we’re pleased to have played just a very small part in Snuffles’ recovery.


  1. clayts says:

    Update on Snuffles today from Sam at Beds Wildlife Rescue :

    Hiya, just to let you know that Snuffles (the little Hedgehog referred to Beds Wildlife Rescue by you) went off to pre-release last night at his new release site weighing 608g! Thanks for the first aid tips you gave the finder as this probably went a long way to making our job much, much easier!

  2. tracey says:

    The little hedgehog is fine, alert and has now eaten, although he seems to favour the dried food. I’ve named him Houdini – for the obvious reasons… the car journey to the vets was interesting.