2011/08 – B.J. & Tammy

B.J. (male) & Tammy (female) – orphans
admitted 26 Jun 11 (B.J.), 27 Jun 11 (Tammy)
pre-release 6 Aug 11
released 13 Aug 11

B.J. : weight on admission 72g, weight at pre-release 6 Aug 534g
Tammy : weight on admission 83g, weight at pre-release 6 Aug 660g

B.J. was one of two hoglets rescued from Burton Joyce after being found out during the day on 26 June. B.J.’s sibling, George, sadly died within 30 minutes of admission, but B.J. was a little fighter, despite being dehydrated and flea infested.

The rescuers were told to keep an eye out for fellow litter mates, and sure enough little Tammy turned up the following day, named by the rescuers’ neighbours (originally as Tommy) who discovered her.

The two were reunited in a nursery cage on 29 June after Tammy spent 24 hours in isolation whilst she underwent flea treatment and had some fly eggs removed. They had a heatpad until 3 July and thrived without out after it was removed.

Initially both were fed a mixture of Esbilac and rehydration fluid – they were both able to lap for themselves, and toiletted themselves without any intervention, so it was a case of giving supervised feeds every 4 hours until 3 July, when they went solo, choosing their own feeding times,  generally when the Ape-Man (Clayts) wasn’t anywhere near !

The rehydration fluid was replaced by boiled water once it became apparent the little guys were no longer dehydrated. Esbilac was replaced with RC Babydog, a similar (but cheaper !) puppy milk formula.

Prescription diet food (Hills A/D) was added to their feed for the first time from 4 July, which they took to readily. Babydog was removed from their feed for the first time on 9 July and replaced with boiled water (to create a wet slop which is easier to eat), and over the next few days, wet cat food was added. Eventually the A/D was removed, but the hogs weren’t keen on neat cat food. They switched to kitten biscuits, and also went through a phase of demolishing puppy food, which has since passed.

These two go from strength to strength and were moved to a larger cage on 5 July so that they could stretch their legs and spread out.

Interestingly, Tammy put more weight on than her brother. At one stage it looked as if we’d have to separate them, but they remain very close siblings, ad we were reluctant to do this. Whilst BJ is still smaller than his sister, he has reached a good weight, despite being over 100g lighter than Tammy !

The two of them were taken to Wilford on 6 August by our star pre-releaser, Laura, to spend up to three weeks in a pen outdoors before being unleashed on the wilds of leafy suburbia – they were both released on 13 August.