2011/08 – Goldie

Goldie – male orphan
admitted 3 July 2011
pre-release 30 July 2011

released 8 August 2011
weight on admission 3 July 11 98g; weight at pre-release 30 July 11 545g; weight check 7 Aug 11 680g

Goldie was an orphan left behind by his mother in Bulwell – the rescuer was aware there was a nest in the garden, but the mother had left and taken some of the youngsters with her. The rescuer kept an eye on Goldie for 24 hours to see if Mum returned, but she did not, so he brought the little fella to the Lodge.

He was a good size on admittance, but his eyes were still closed (they opened within 24 hours). He was warmed up, fed a mixture of warm fennel tea and RC Babydog and popped into the only available cage in the Lodge – Ozzie cockatiel’s old cage ! (Don’t laugh, there’s plenty of room at the bottom for one so little) with a hot water bottle. The hot water bottle was removed on 8 July 2011.

The fennel tea was replaced by boiled water on 5 July 2011 (fennel tea is used as a precaution against bloat, something hoglets are prone to when being fed puppy milk formula).

From 9 July 2011 he changed his diet to a mix of Babydog and Hills A/D prescription diet food, and later the puppy milk formula was replaced with water. From 16 July, he went onto a mix of A/D and cat food. Like many hogs, however, he ‘spat the dummy’ when his expensive A/D was soiled with these chewy bits. We are now trying him on mashed up puppy food after reverting briefly to A/D on it own.

As his weight is different to the other youngsters in Snuffle Lodge, like Byron he will have a solo upbringing, not a problem in itself as hogs are solitary animals.

He was moved to an indoor guinea pig cage on 11 July and set about his new environment by self-anointing like crazy : this is where a hog will sniff out a new smell, flick its tongue over the surface, produce frothy saliva and then proceed to contort itself into a million different shapes to enable it to smother its whole body in said saliva. No-one knows for sure why hogs do this, but it seems to be scent-related : either to blend in with their surroundings, or to get used to a new smell.

He was a huffy little fella on admission, bouncing up and down and generally not liking human handling which was good to see. As he has gotten older he has become more inquisitive and self-anoints at every given opportunity, whenever something new is introduced into his cage (usually food !). He also bit Clayton (gently) and started anointing crazily after that contact.

A very friendly hog, Goldie’s extremely nosey, always with his face up to the cage watching what was going on in our hogspital ward.

His development was so swift he was able to move to pre-release on 30 July and was released on 8 August. Unsurprisingly the first thing he did when he left the pen was start self-anointing, the second thing he did was to buddy up with an adult hog, and then disappear off into the woods !


  1. Mark says:

    Thanks for you help yesterday Clayton, you do a sterling job.
    Thank you for the update on Goldie .

  2. clayts says:

    Sorry you came at such a chaotic time, Mark (and apologies for the total mess in the house) ! You’ll be pleased to know Goldie is doing great – he’s got bundles of character and is a very feisty individual. He’s also pretty much helping himself to food now, which makes my life so much easier !