2011/09 – Heathcliff

Heathcliff – male orphan
admitted 29 July 11
pre-release 30 August 11
released 5 September 11
weight on admittance 185g, weight at pre-release 30 Aug 11 599g

Poor little Heathcliff was discovered by his rescuer in Cossall in harrowing circumstances. He was sat in the middle of the road next to the squashed remains of what we think must have been his mother, with one of his siblings also badly injured and lying dead at the side of the road.

The rescuer picked up little Heathcliff and did all the right things to get himthrough until he could be brought to us – shelter, warmth and water (plus some food too).

Heathcliff was admitted with a slightly scabby nose and a slight infection causing sneezing and bubbles from the nose. He was immediately put onto a course of antibiotics, and has recovered fully from both issues.

He quickly settled in an indoor cage, and ploughed through the puppy food like it was going out of fashion. On his first night he piled on 30g in weight !

He greeted Clayton with a bite, always a good sign !

He rapidly grew up into an inquisitive hog, piling on the pounds impressively. He had regular exercise in the hogspital and was always getting into the smallest gaps and causing much furniture reorganisation !

He went to Laura’s wonderful pre-release site in Wilford on 30 August and was back out in the wild on 5 September giving him plenty of time to fatten up some more and to find himself a nice hidey hole in the nearby habitat for hibernating in.

(Heathcliff was previously known as Tilly due to a misidentification of his gender at admission, a common error in ones so young ! He was also known as Timmy for a while until the rescuers reminded us that they had called him Heathcliff from day one – see below !)


  1. Francesca says:

    Hi, I’m the daughter of the lady who brought this hedgehog in. It’s funny that it ended up being a boy after all – we’d been calling him Heathcliff all the time up until he went to you, so if he ever feels like another name change! Lovely to hear he’s doing so well =)

  2. clayts says:

    Happy to oblige – I now remember your mum mentioning that when she brought him round ! It all gets a bit confusing around here sometimes….

    He’s doing very well although he does have a peculiar habit of never sleeping inside his bedding, just lays out uncovered in the middle of the cage when he sleeps ! I think he likes being near the action. He’s always nosing around.