2011/09 – Bobbie

Bobbie (juvenile female)
checked over 25 Sep 11
pre-release (Bilborough) 25 Sep 11

weight at 25 Sep 11 463g

Bobbie had wandered into the finder’s garage but seemed in  good health. The finder brought her over to the Lodge for a once over check.

Bobbie was an excellent example of a Summer juvenile, putting on  weight well, and was parasite-free. She had been fed some milk, but this was stopped immediately, and whilst her stools were initially loose they will soon have returned to normal once put onto the correct diet.

She was not dehydrated, and was very responsive. A check over revealed no injuries and nothing to concern us about.

The finder was happy to take Bobbie back home with a supply of food (kitten biscuits, which she happily chomped on straight away), a hedgehog house, some food bowls and chicken wire. The finder planned to make a temporary pre-release pen with immediate outdoors access (as she had only been indoors for a day, pre-release was not totally necessary, but rather than just hard release her it was felt that she should at least be offered food and shelter for a few days.

These are the cases we like – an almost immediate return to the wild, albeit supervised, and with plenty of time left to gain the necessary weight to hibernate successfully.