2012/03 – Muck

Muck (female orphan)
admitted 30 Sep 11
pre-release 8 Mar 12
released 30 Mar 12

weight on admission 213g, at pre-release 827g

Muck is a gorgeous female orphan found in Arnold. The finder was able to provide overnight accommodation for her, but she duly escaped and caused a trail of havoc and destruction throughout the house, hence the name.

The finder correctly offered warmth, rehydration fluid and some food which Muck happily took advantage of.

When presented to Snuffle Lodge, she was a happy little bundle of prickly joy. She has spent the whole winter with us and has steadfastedly refused to hibernate, creating total chaos in her cage every night. We’ve managed to ration her food so she has kept to a manageable weight.

She was transferred to a pre-release pen on 8 March 2012, mainly because night-time temperatures were above 5 degrees, but also to allow us to get some peace and quiet at night time rather than having to listen to her trying to eat her cage !

She awoke from hibernation on 23 March 2012 when we opened the enclosure up and incredibly she then spent a week sharing her box with a wild imposter (most likely either Pop or Godie, two very friendly little hogs released from the Lodge last year). She eventually departed to start her life in the wild on 31 March 2012 – we’re not sure whether she took her friend with her !