2011/11 – Olivia

Olivia (adult female)
admitted 3 October 2011
pre-release 14 October 2011
released 13 November 2011

weight on admittance 751g; weight at pre-release 14Oct 11 907g, weight check 22 Oct11 1012g; weight on release 1155g

Olivia was discovered scuttling along the side of the road in Beeston Rylands at around 5pm (too early for normal hedgehog activity – they tend to emerge at dusk).

Luckily the finder’s daughter had experience of dealing with hedgehogs, so the standard advice for dealing with new patients was followed.

However, there was a problem with Olivia’s right eye, which is why she came to us. It looked as if she had caught the right side of her face on something sharp, or had been dragged, as she had abrasions. There was also a slight swelling around her right eye, which looked as if an injury had healed but an abscess had formed underneath.

She saw Ben at Byron Veterinary Clinic who cleaned up the wound and was able to locate the eye, which was hidden behind healed tissue and gummed up eyelids. There was some infection present in the wound, which appeared to be a single bite wound, although thankfully not too deep.

She was administered eye lotion three times daily, along with antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.

She was an incredible eater, piling on the calories, and recovered well from her injuries although whether she lost thel use of her right eye. Hedgehogs do survive well in the wild with just one eye, but she was closely monitored in pre-release to see whether her behaviour was impacted upon – it wasn’t !

She piled on the weight in pre-release but became very restless so on 13 November 2011 she was released to the finder’s daughter’s garden in Beeston Rylands, very close to where she was found, at a superb weight. She always remained a calm and tolerant hedgehog, although by the end she was curling when picked up, always good to see.


  1. clayts says:

    Sadly Olivia passed away on 19 March 2012 – she came out of hibernation but was having difficulties standing upright. The finder’s daughter rushed Olivia to the PDSA clinic in Dunkirk, where regrettably there was no option other than to put Olivia to sleep gently. Hedgehogs sadly can and do suffer problems when emerging from hibernation.