2012/03 – Kayleigh

Kayleigh (juvenile female)
admitted 22 Oct 11
pre-release 19 Nov 11
hibernation November 2011 to March 2012
released 9 March 2012

weight on admission 250g, weight at pre-release 19 Nov 11 653g

Kayleigh came to us via Byron Veterinary Clinic, where she was handed in after being found by a member of the public in Bulwell (our neck of the woods !). She is named after the vet nurse of the same name (and the nurse who worked wonders with little Sid earlier in the year).

Kayleigh had a wound to the top of her head which was treated by Byron’s, but she is now being housed here for the winter.

A gorgeous little female, Kayleigh quickly snuggled into her new home and munched her way through a pouch and a half of cat food on her first night. She went back to the vets on 25 October for a check up and was given the all clear.

A check on little Kayleigh’s poo revealed a burden of lungworm so she underwent a lengthy 14 day treatment plan – however, the treatment worked well and Kayleigh piled on the pounds, with considerable weight gains following the first phase of her treatment. The second phase of her treatment began on 11 November and lasted for three days, this being to eliminate any larvae which may have hatched out since the first phase.

Her weight gains were so impressive, and with night time temperatures over 5 degrees, Kayleigh made it into a pre-release pen on 19 November 2011. She hibernated from November until 9 March 2012 (by which time her pen had been lifted) and was spotted out and about in the Snuffle Lodge garden on 9 March 2012. She vacated her pen that very same night and is now snuffling wild.