2012/03 – Harriet

Harriet (female orphan)
admitted 7 Nov 11
pre-release 24 Mar 12
released 30 Mar 12

weight on admittance 250g, weight at pre-release 747g

Harriet came to us from Sheila in Kimberley (who helped us out no end with the ex-feral Snuffle Moggy, Grumpy-cat), along with a large fella called Horace, who also stayed with us for 48 hours.

A tiny little orphan, Harriet put on some serious weight on her first night (a 37g weight gain) but then she started losing weight at an alarming rate. She has been tested twice for worms, but no discoveries were made. She was put on antibiotics and was on regular syringe feeding.

Thankfully from 9 November, she started putting weight on again and feeding for herself again. She spent the winter with us and like her stable mate Muck refused to hibernate. She remains a very shy hog and the number of times we actually saw her in her cage from Christmas could be counted on one hand !

However, she demolished her food with gusto every night and made a lovely nest in a Savic cocoon. She was moved to a pre-release pen in March 2012 – the plan was to move her to Clifton Village but her stress levels were very high and we had to put her welfare first. She was allowed out and stampeded around the garden on her first night, chewing the fence and being hassled by a randy boar, who she quickly saw off by bowling him out of the way. She hung around for a few days, but by 1st April 2012 had left for pastures new.