2011/11 – Horace

Horace (juvenile male)
admitted 31 Oct 11, pre-release (Kimberley) 1 Nov 11

weight on admission 644g, weight on pre-release 699g

Horace was found by Sheila and was kept in a hutch in her garden in Kimberley whilst he packed on the pounds. He was brought over to Snuffle Lodge for a checkover ahead of a re-introduction to the wild, but came over all shy when he was presented.

We kept him in for 36 hours and were able to check everything – he is a lovely boy, in perfect condition and with perfect hedgehog responses, with much curling, snorting, hissing and puffing.

A quick faecal smear test revealed an all-clear sample, so he was returned to Kimberley to spend another week in his hutch, with the aim being to leave the door open on 7 November to allow him to decide whether he wanted to return to the wild, or take advantage of Sheila’s hospitality.

In his short stay with us he piled on 55g !