2012/03 – Pop (second release)

Pop (juvenile female)
admitted 1 March 2012
re-released 8 March 2012
weight on admittance 675g, weight on release 883g

Pop was one of the terrible trio admitted in July 2011 as babies. Unlike her siblings, however, Pop remained in the garden and hibernated solidly between September and February 2012 in an open pre-release pen.

However, with the mild winter weather she emerged from hibernation very early, and was finally picked up (after large amounts of food had disappeared) on 27 February 2012. She was weighed (675g) and checked over and was in remarkably good condition so she was re-released instantly. However, three nights later she was waiting at the back door for us and, upon being discovered, shot off and hid behind one of the Lodge’s wheelie bins. Which is when she started coughing and spluttering. She was immediately re-admitted.

It seems though that the she totally hog-winked us, as she has not so much as breathed in a funny way since re-admittance.  So impressive were her weight gains that she was hard-released back into her pen on 8 March, substantially heavier than when she came in. There hasn’t been so much as a throat-clearing heard from her since…