2012/03 – Oscar

Oscar (adult female)
admitted 3 March 2011
pre-release 25 March 2011
released 30 March 2011

weight on admittance 602g, weight at pre-release 1104g

Discovered in a bush outside a medical centre in Hucknall, Oscar came to us very underweight and with her left eye closed up. The rescuers kept her indoors and fed her dog food, which went down well.

Oscar was a very underweight hog who had either been disturbed or awoken from hibernation very early. Thankfully her appetite is enormous and she is eating well, although there were some iniital concerns that there were some hidden facial injuries. Despite this, we have checked her over thoroughly, including her teeth (sharp – ouch !), but we were concerned by her closed left eye. As time has passed, however, her eye started to open up and whilst not fully bulging, she definitely has sight in that eye.

It is feared she may be a cruelty case (some idiot playing football with her), but we’re confident she will make a full recovery and be able to return to Hucknall in a few weeks. Her legs all work and there are no other obvious injuries, but she was painfully thin, a common sight in hogs emerging from hibernation.

She has set herself out to bulk herself up, demolishing nearly two pouches of puppy food a day, and has rapidly expanded from a thin hog with a tapered back end (a sure sign of under-nourishment) to a fully-rounded and considerably weightier sow.

She was moved to pre-release in late March 2012 and the plan was to get her used to outdoors life and then re-release her from where she came in the near future. However, when we researched the area she came from we discovered that it was a completely unsuitable area, with lots of busy roads and hardly any ‘wild greenery’. For now she has open access to the garden and to Snape Wood, but perhaps wisely she is hanging around in her house. We are constantly monitoring her behaviour and we may have to have a re-think, but for now she is technically ‘free’ should she choose.