2012/05 – Horace

adult male
admitted 18 April 2012
pre-release 29 April 2012
released 3 May 2012

weight on admittance 649g, weight at pre-release 29 Apr 2012 1028g

Incredibly, Horace was picked up just around the corner from us, near Aldi and the Lime Kiln pub. He was found bimbling around the side of the road in daytime. The rescuers took him to Byron Veterinary Clinic, where they kept him overnight, knocked him out and then proceeded to remove well over 100 blood-sucking ticks from all around his body. He was given anti-biotic cover and came into our care on 18 April 2012. An adult male, Horace was very under-nourished, typical for hedgehogs emerging from hibernation.

He stayed with us whilst he put a bit more weight on,and then the plan was to pre-release and ultimately release him into Snape Wood, a few hundred yards away from where he was found.

He piled on over 100g in just over 24 hours and caused much chaos in his cage, tearing up newspaper to line his Savic cocoon. By 21 April he was back to a nice round football shape, but our plan to release him were scuppered as he developed a case of the sniffles (bubbles coming out of his nose) so he needed a course of antibiotics before going out to hassle the ladies.

As he had been inside for more than seven days, we opted to pre-release him into a pen rather than just throwing him out of the door and sending him on his way. He moved into his new home on the evening of Sunday 29 April (after the horrific weather had gone) and promptly stuffed as much hay as he could into the hoggy-house. He demolished his food every night and eventually departed as quick as he could when the pen was lifted on 3 May 2012. We’ve seen neither hide nor prickle of him since.


  1. michelle@dave says:

    hope that horace is on the mend and will be out soon to hassle the lady hogs.

    1. clayts says:

      Horace is doing very well – his weight has ballooned to over a kilo, which is fantastic, and his bubbly nose has all but gone, thanks to the anti-biotics. He’s also a lot more lively and inquisitive during cage cleaning (previously he’d just sit still and show no interest in anything – now he scuttles around the hogspital sniffing everything in sight). Once he finishes his course of anti-biotics at the weekend, he’ll be put into a pre-release pen for a few days, which will then be lifted. He can then go and hassle the ladies at his leisure.

  2. michelle@dave says:

    glad to hear horace has gone on his way hopefully he’ll have a much better chance now out there since being taken in and given a helping hand to get him fighting fit.