2012/07 – Hope

Hope – male orphan
admitted 25 June 12
pre-release 15 July 12
released 23 July 12

weight on admission 175g
weight at pre-release 505g
weight at release 715g

We first learned about Hope from a ‘concerned neighbour’ when it came to light a resident in St Ann’s had discovered Hope crossing the road during the day. The finder plonked Hope into a wooden crate and left him with some rainwater in a dish in the misguided hope that the hoglet’s mum would find him. Had the finder rung for advice we could have told him that Hope needed keeping warm and bringing indoors. He also needed to be cared for by someone with experience.

Thankfully, the finder, now concerned that the hoglet was squeaking (because he was hungry) took the animal to Oak House veterinary surgery, who rang us for advice. With her head bursting full of information, vet nurse Hope (yes, we named the little guy after her), prepared some A/D glop for Hope the hog (she had already sensibly put him on a heatpad) which he gratefully slurped down, without any intervention.

Hope brought, er, Hope round to the Lodge after she finished work and he started his stay with us in one of our orphan cages with a heatpad, A/D on tap, and lots of bedding to snuggle into.

Hope rapidly grew into a bolshie teenager, and  packed on the weight at a remarkable rate, more than doubling his weight within a fortnight. He is on a diet of puppy food and his development was so swift, he was put into a pre-release pen on 15 July 2012 ahead of a return to the wild. He was climbing the pen within a week, and thus the pen was lifted on 23 July 2o12 – we managed to grab him, mark him and weigh him – he’d put on a staggering 200g in the space of 8 days !