2012/09 – Bubble, Squeak & Blossom

female orphans
Squeak admitted 12 Jul 12
weight on admission 98g
weight on pre-release 25 August 12 541g
weight at release 1 September 12 637g
Bubble admitted 14 Jul 12
weight on admission 98g
weight on pre-release 28 August 12 525g
Blossom admitted 15 Jul 12
weight on admission 105g
weight on pre-release 28 August 12 509g

Squeak was discovered in a garden in Arnold out during the day. She managed to get herself wedged between two sticks and was squeaking, which alerted her finder to her.

Her sister, Bubble, was found in the same location two days later and, surprisingly, was in excellent condition. A third sister, Blossom, turned up the following day and then two days later Marie popped up. She joined her sisters, but due to their heavier weight gains, she fell behind, and joined the fifth member of the family, Rose, who was found the same day as Marie but she had been significantly smaller so had to be isolated.

These three girls developed well and by 22 July 2012 were in the region of 190-200g. They were moved from the orphan cage to a significantly bigger cage, with Marie joining Rose in a separate cage on the same day. The three of them were weaned off the puppy milk formula and progressed through a mixture of recovery diet and water before moving onto puppy food, and a mixture of kitten biscuits and dried mealworms.

Blossom started falling behind, weight wise, so was separated. She eventually rejoined Bubble in pre-release on 28 August 2012. Squeak, who was doing well, joined Rose and Marie in pre-release on 25 August 2012, and was released in Southwell on 1 September 2012.

Bubble and Blossom returned to the wild in Arnold on 2 September 2012.