2012/08 – Luke

male orphan
admitted 13 Jul 12
pre-release  9 Aug 12
released 19 Aug 12
weight on admission 146g
weight on pre-release 507g
weight on release 605g

Discovered near Long Eaton, Luke was handed into Ashfield House Veterinary Clinic, transferred to Byron Veterinary Clinic in Nottingham and picked up by ourselves from there.

Luke was about 3-4 weeks old and whilst on the outside he came across as being very shy, he wa’s a handful. Within his first hour he managed to escape from his box and had us searching on our hands and knees trying to find him. His trail of poo around the hogspital ward led to a swift discovery !

Initially he had to be syringe-fed every few hours as he seemed reluctant to feed for himself and it took us a few days to break him out of this habit – we are unclear whether someone had tried raising him and given up as he was very tolerant of us.

Thankfully we were able to break contact, and Luke’s development was so rapid he was put into pre-release within four weeks¬† of arriving, and was later released into a garden in Hucknall having coped admirably with life in pre-release – 10 days, 100g : perfect !

He left Snuffle Lodge at a great weight and we hope his new life holds lots of adventures for him.