2012/07 – Beetroot

adult female
date admitted 15 July 2012
released 16 July 2012

weight on admission 902g

Beetroot is a healthy looking adult female who is suspiciously chubby. She was discovered in a garden in Radcliffe on Trent, laying motionless. Despite these concerns she looks to be well-nourished and is not dehydrated.

The only concern we currently have is her rear left leg which didn’t feel right on inspection, but as she refused to walk about at triage, she’s been kept in for observation.

Later in the evening she did a 100m dash across the hogspital ward, which left us in no doubt she was fine. We suspect she may have just have been takingĀ  a breather and was spotted in an exposed spot.

She wasl hastily returned from whence she came, thankfully not having dropped any sprogs during her short stay with us.