2012/09 – Rose & Marie

female orphans
Marie admitted 17 Jul 12
pre-release 22 Aug 12
released 1 Sep 12

weight on admission 105g
weight on pre-release 502g
weight at release 664g

Rose admitted 17 Jul 12
pre-release 22 Aug 12
released 1 Sep 12

weight on admission 79g
weight on pre-release 582g
weight at release 714g

Weighing just 79g, Rose was discovered in the same garden as Bubble, Squeak, Blossom and Marie.

She was from the same litter, but given her diminutive size (approx 40g lighter than her sisters) Rose had to be isolated. She had to be syringe fed puppy milk formula to start with, but eventually started lapping for herself. Recovery diet food was then added to her formula and, from 22 July 2012, she was joined by her sister Marie, who had failed to keep up with the weights of the three other sisters.

At the time of the move, Marie was just 20g ahead of Rose, who weighed 120g. As the two developed, it was Rose who came through as the more confident of the two hogs, and when they were moved to a larger indoor cage, it was she who was waiting to pounce whenever new food was added to the cage.

The pair of them were weaned within a week, and graduated to puppy food and eventually a mixture of Babycat biscuits and mealworms, standard fayre for our hogs once they get over 300g, as this gives them a real protein and carbohydrate boost.

With the national scare about the thorny-headed worm killing many small hoglets, often without any warning, we had to take the decision to commence the worming programme on these two, which was unfortunate as they had reached near-release weights. This delayed their move to pre-release by two weeks, but with both over 500g the day after the treatment stopped, they were moved to the pre-release pen, where they will adjust to an outdoor life for the first time in over five weeks.

Rose and Marie were joined by Blossom on 25 August, and the three of them moved to Southwell on 1 September 2012 where they were released.