2012/09 – Joshua

orphaned male
admitted 23 July 2012
pre-release 8 Sep 2012

released 14 Sep 2012
weight on admission 90g
weight on pre-release 676g
weight on release 750g


First discovered on 22 July 2012, Joshua evaded capture until the following day, along with his two brave little brothers, Logan and Arthur, who both sadly died within 6 days.

All three of them were very feisty and dived head first into the puppy milk formula and recovery diet meal prepared for them. They then attempted to form a hedgehog pyramid to escape the box they were in, but we thwarted their attempts.

Sadly, Logan and Arthur became very lethargic and floppy on 26 July 2012, although our intervention seemed to do the trick (antibiotics, syringe feeding and heat) because by the following afternoon they’d picked up considerably and were both feeding for themselves.

At this stage we chose to isolate Joshua – he was the biggest (and grumpiest) hog of the three, and did not seem to be showing the same ill-effects as his little brothers. Sadly, Logan’s condition took a turn for the worse, and he died in the early hours of 28 July 2012. Arthur’s condition reeled from fine and dandy to completely collapsed, but despite our best efforts he died in the early hours of 29 July 2012.

We now believe that both died as a consequence of a parasite which thrived in 2012 due to the warm wet summer, the thorny-headed worm, and indeed Bingham was identified (by a Post Mortem at another hedgehog rescue in Grantham) as a hotspot for this little monster. Unlike other internal parasites, the thorny-headed worm is undetectable in faeces.

As a consequence of reported cases of the same worm in different locations around the country (Surrey, Oxfordshire, Worcestershire, for example), all hedgehog and wildlife rehabbers chose to start preventative treatment for all new admissions, and so Josh underwent a 14 day worming routine.

Joshua, meanwhile, went from strength to strength, and by 28 July was demolishing turkey mince in the misguided belief he’d stumbled across a secret cache of earthworms ! He’s very feisty, always huffing and bouncing to express his hatred of being handled – we always love this quality in hedgehogs.

Josh put on weight very rapidly once his treatment had ended and was able to move into pre-release on 8 September 2012 with a view to returning to Bingham, which he duly did on 14 September 2012, weighing a massive 750g.