2012/09 – Tim & Holly

orphaned male and female
admitted 23 July 2012 (Tim) , 25 July 2012 (Holly)
pre-release 2 Sep 12
released 7 Sep 12

weight on admission 86g (Tim), 77g (Holly)
weight on pre-release 610g (Tim), 548g (Holly)

Discovered out during the day in Mapperley, Tim was quickly put onto heat and rushed over to the Lodge. He readily took to lapping a mixture of puppy milk formula and recovery diet food.

He was joined by another lone hoglet, Baba, on 24 July 2012 (mainly due to lack of space as we were overrun at the time),  but two days later Tim’s sister Holly arrived. She was tiny in  comparison and our smallest intake of the year at just 77g. She was so far behind her big brother and his mate that she had to be isolated, but by 27 July 2012 was a lot less fragile and was able to join Tim and Baba.

The three of them were moved to a new large cage (thanks to a very nice donation) giving them space to potter about. Baba quickly started dominating proceedings, lurking whenever even the merest morsel of food was presented. Tim and Holly, whilst certainly not starving hungry, didn’t seem to be getting fair rations !

Baba was doing so well he was moved out and was put into pre-release, giving Tim and Holly the chance to pack some weight on now that the greedy guzzler had moved outside.

They both did really well, and were always the quiet ones in the hogspital (whilst chaos seemingly ensued from every other cage, Tim and Holly tidily went about their business, keeping their cage in wonderful condition).

They eventually moved out into pre-release on 2 September 2012 and were released five days later.