2012/09 – Julian, Dick, Georgina, Anne & Timmy

two female and three male orphans
admitted 23 July 201
pre-release (Timmy and Anne) 30 Aug 12

pre-release (Julian, Dick and George) 2 Sep 12
released (George) 5 Sep 12
released (Timmy and Anne) 6 Sep 12
released (Julian and Dick) 9 Sep 12

weights on admission between 81g and 91g
weight on release George 644g
weights on release Anne 552g, Timmy 614g
weights on release Julian 636g, Dick 548g

Discovered in a private garden in Carlton, these five had been disturbed by the cutting of hedgerow bordering the finder’s home. The five were found near to their dead mother, who had somehow managed to crawl onto the finder’s garden, leading the youngsters to safety. The youngsters kept trying to go back to the hedge, where the workmen left the cut down branches for collection the following day.

The cutting back of hedges is something which should not be on the agenda right now, particularly as it is still the bird-nesting season. We will be pursuing this with the organisation concerned. (We’re pleased to report the organisation responsible ensured instructions went out to their operatives, and they also kindly donated a hedgehog house to the finder).

Thankfully the five arrived healthy, and were marked so we could tell them apart.

They created much carnage in their huge cage, and George (female) soon became the porker, and got very huffy with her siblings. She was separated from them as the smaller ones kept thinking she was their mum, and understandably George would get very cross.

With the outbreak of thorny-headed worm infestations in young hedgehogs identified as a consequence of the warm, wet summer, all five had preventative worming treatment over a 15 day period with Levacide and Baytril.

When the hogs got bigger, the smaller and larger siblings were separated, with Julian and Dick getting a new cage, and Timmy and Anne staying put. George rejoined Julian and Dick as her weight had levelled out. She remained extremely bossy, and eventually we had to separate her again prior to pre-release as she was bullying her brothers and hogging all the food !

W hen it came to soft releasing the 5 of them, we kept Timmy and Ann together, but reunited George with her brothers in a pre-release pen of their own on 2 September 2012. They rapidly returned to their wild ways, and George returned to her stroppy self, snorting and huffing violently any time one of her brothers went near. Unbeknown to ourselves, the sibling rivalry went as far as the boys stealing all of George’s bedding and using it in their box and leaving her with none in hers.

She was released on 5 September 2012 for her own sanity’s sake, as it was clear she was distressed. She went to Tollerton, with the finders of Charlie who was admitted on that day.

Timmy and Anne were released the following night in the Lodge garden as they too were showing signs of distress.

Julian and Dick went on 9 September 2012, being released to a lovely site near to Newark on Trent, home to the finders of Lauren.