2012/08 – Baba

male orphan
admitted 24 Jul 12
pre-release 20 Aug 12
released 26 Aug 12
weight on admission 93g
weight on pre-release 472g
weight on release 569g

Handed in to Oak House Vets on 23 July 2012 by a member of the public, Baba was initially accompanied by a sibling who sadly died. Vet nurse Hope cared for Baba before he could be admitted, and in fine condition he was too.

Aged 2-3 weeks, Baba had not demonstrated any ill effects, so was buddied up with fellow lone orphan (at that time), Tim, due to a cage shortage. They did well together until they got to the troublesome teens, and with Tim’s sister Holly now also sharing the cage, Baba became the bully of the three, invariably eating everything in sight and leaving little for the other two, although they still put weight on well.

Baba received the preventative worming treatment over a 2 week period, in light of the numbers of hoglets afflicted in 2012 with the undetectable thorny-headed worm causing unpredictable collapses from perfectly alive hog to a corpse within hours. He responded well to treatment and packed on the pounds at an alarming velocity.

Initially fed a mix of puppy milk formula and recovery diet food, Baba went through all the food stages perfectly – a model orphan in every way.

Owing to his bossy nature, he was moved to pre-release weighing 472g, but with daily weight gains of 30g, and warm night time temperatures, this was not considered risky. He was released into Snape Wood 6 days later after putting on nearly 100g, and showing a willingness to leave (i.e. climbing the pen !)