2012/10 – Midge

male orphan
admitted 13 August 12
pre-release 20 October 12
released 24 October 12

weight on admission 128g
weight on pre-release 647g
weight on release 650g

Little Midge was handed into Byron Vets on 13 August 2012 and was very poorly when we collected him : cold, semi-paralysed and with a poor prognosis.

We immediately put him on a heatpad to warm him through, but his back legs lacked much mobility, and he was only able to get around by ‘swimming’ on his belly and dragging himself along. We were not very hopeful at all.

Once he’d warmed up a little, we were able to syringe feed him (mainly Babydog formula with a little Recovery Diet) and he virtually ate the syringe : this was one hungry little man. We also loaded it with additional vitamins to give him an extra kick.

We also put him onto the preventative worming treatment for thorny-headed worms, and commenced ‘little and often’ feeding.

By the first evening, he had got some use of his back legs again, but overnight he lost it again. However, as time moved on he slowly but surely became more confident, and we’re pleased to say he is now completely mobile, and became a right little handful. We suspect he was badly malnourised and just wasn’t getting the right sort of food after being abandoned or orphaned.

Midge was a very slow developer and took two months to reach a safe weight to consider him fit for pre-release, which he finally achieved on 20 October 2012. He was relocated to Southwell for release where he will have access to food and water and will be closely monitored.