2012/09 – Mungo

juvenile male
date admitted 13 August 2012
pre-release 8 September 2012
released 16 September 2012

weight on admission 349g
weight on pre-release 627g
weight on release 747g

Handed into Byron vets on 13 August 2012, Mungo was found in Clifton out during the day. A male juvenile, Mungo may just have been disturbed by humans crashing around in the garden, but we are keeping him for observation and also to administer preventative worming treatment for the thorny-headed worm parasite, which has been causing so much devastation to the wild hedgehog population this summer.

He put on weight rapidly following the treatment and made it into pre-release on 8 September 2012, being released into our garden 8 days later 120g heavier !