2012/10 – Bruce

abandoned male
admitted 3 Sep 12
pre-release 10 Oct 12
released 16 Oct 12

weight on admission 254g
weight at pre-release 637g

Bruce was discovered in a garden in West Bridgford during the day – he’d also been spotted the day before. Although not underweight, and with a slightly closed right eye, Bruce was cold and had pale gums, but was not dehydrated.

We suspect he was afflicted by the thorny-headed worm parasite, so he underwent preventative treatment.

A slow developer and a notoriously fussy eater, it took Bruce some time to get to a releasable weight. By that time he was crafting a very comfortable looking cocoon, stuffed full of newspaper strips.

He has returned to West Bridgford for pre-release, and we wouldn’t be at all surprised if he chooses to hibernate fairly quickly. His right eye, whilst not infected, never did fully open but we are confident he has full vision and that it may be an old injury making him look worse than he actually is.

The pen was lifted on 16 October 2012 allowing Bruce the choice of returning to the wild if he wanted.


  1. Lynda Valentine says:

    Hello – just wondering how Bruce is getting along. His mum and sibling seem to be doing well in the garden. Is it likely that he will be able to return to the wilds of West Bridgford?