2012/10 – Lucky

male juvenile
admitted 4 Sep 12
pre-release 10 Oct 12
released 19 Oct 12

weight on admission 216g
weight on pre-release 781g
weight on release 911g

Found out during the day in Watnall, Lucky was a juvenile who had fallen on hard times. He was dehydrated and malnourished on admission with a graze above his right eye which had swollen causing him to temporarily lose sight in that eye. He also presented with splayed front legs which we’ve seen before in hogs which are in considerable pain or are malnourished.

Thankfully, after rehydration and treatment for a potential thorny-headed worm infestation, Lucky was soon eating and regained full use of his front legs.

He quickly piled on the weight, and the only thing preventing him from going out into a pre-release pen sooner than 10 October were some unseasonable cold nights and complications with some building work at Snuffle Lodge which limited the space we had available to put up pens.

Lucky returned to Watnall on 19 October 2012 having piled on another 130g in the space of just 9 days !