2012/10 – Pinky and Perky

orphaned females
date admitted 10 Sep 12
pre-release 10 Oct 12
released 17 Oct 12

weights on admission 169g and 177g
weights on pre-release 660g/666g
weights on release 753g/756g

Found out during the day in a farm in Risley, not far from Long Eaton, Pinky and Perky were last seen with their mother two days before. They’d come out as they were clearly hungry.

In delightful condition on admittance, it was clear that the two little girls had been well-looked after by Mum, although sadly a third sibling died before it reached us. We can only assume something happened to Mum who, it is believed, had successfully raised a first litter of seven earlier in the year.

Pinky and Perky dived into a dish of puppy milk formula and A/D prescription diet glop and couldn’t be moved for love nor money – they were hungry.

As with all hoglet and juvenile admissions in 2012, they underwent routine worming treatment to prevent the impact of the thorny-headed worm parasite which was found in Nottinghamshire in this year.

They have developed perfectly, and have pretty much kept pace with each other, weight-wise, during their stay with us.

They were moved to a shared pen in pre-release on 10 October and each piled on another 90g or so in the space of a week. They were returned to the wonderfully wildlife friendly Willowbrook Farm on 17 October, their place of birth.