2012/10 – Spikey

juvenile male
date admitted 10 Sep 12
pre-release 29 Sep 12
released 7 Oct 12

weight on admission 262g
weight on pre-release 572g
weight on release 684g

Spikey was found out during the day in Ruddington and gave his finders the runaround before being caught.

He is in good condition but is very hyperactive, usually a predictive indicator that he is carrying a significant worm burden. He received preventative worming treatment for the thorny-headed worm during which time he piled on the weight.

He did suffer with a little cough when he was with us, but this was cleared up with anti-biotics (and regular poo tests revealed no worm burden).

He was transferred to a pre-release pen once the cough had cleared up, weighing 572g, and by the first night he was munching away on mealworms and kitten biscuits. He returned to his home patch on 7th October 2012