2012/10 – Puck

juvenile female
date admitted 18 Sep 12
pre-release 20 Oct 12
released 25 Oct 12

weight on admission 191g
weight at pre-release 782g

Discovered in Collingham, Puck was noted to be hyperactive and following consultation with and assistance from our friends at Vale Wildlife Rescue the finder was informed that Puck was carrying a significant worm burden (crenosoma – lungworm, capillaria – roundworm and fluke).

Due to problems accessing the required medication, Puck was transferred to us here at Snuffle Lodge via the wonderful Nottingham Animal Accident Rescue Unit to commence the worming treatment regime.

She was in good condition, but was very undersized for her age, an indicator that the worm burden was causing her some difficulties.

She started in a big indoor guinea pig cage, due to a full ward, and had access to a heatpad, some of her original bedding together with some food and water.

She underwent the three week worming regime for all three parasites and rapidly developed into a chubby little juvenile – she was moved to an indoor rabbit hutch once one became available.

She returned to Collingham on 20 October 2012 to a specially prepared pre-release site near where she was born, and was released on 25 October 2012.