2013/05 – Cher

female Autumn juvenile
date admitted 24 Oct 12
pre-release 14 Nov 12
hibernation 4 Dec 12
released 9 May 13

weight on admission 255g
weight at pre-release 619g
weight check 28 Nov 835g
weight check 9 May 852g

Cher arrived weighing just 255g and was a hyperactive little hog. A quick squint at a poo sample revealed why – it was crammed full of capillaria eggs and also had a few wriggling capillaria larvae too.

She completed her worming treatment and put on enough weight for us to consider putting her into pre-release within 3 weeks of arrival. Despite plunging night time temperatures she remained awake and successfully piled on more body fat before finally succumbing to the draw of hibernation on 4 Dec 12.

She understandably lost a lot of weight over the period she solidly hibernated (December to April) and it was touch and go as to whether she would need to come back in, as her weight dipped slightly below 600g. However, once her room-mate, Leigh, had been released, she stuffed herself silly and built herself up to a chunky 852g on 9 May 2013, when her pen was lifted.