2013/04 – Stan

male Autumn juvenile
date admitted 01 Nov 12
into pre-release 14 Dec 12
released from Snuffle Lodge to Snape Wood, Bulwell – 7 Apr 13

weight on admission 250g
weight at 3 Dec 12 909g
weight at pre-release 1045g
weight at release 1330g

Discovered out during the day in St Ann’s on 30 October, Stan made his way to us via the nice folks at Oak House Vets, Mapperley. They removed all the ticks on his body and kept him snug and warm and happily fed.

Transferred to Snuffle Lodge, Stan quickly made his indoor hutch his home and noisily tucked into some puppy food. After a day he became very hypothermic so was transferred to an intensive care cage, where his condition improved drastically over the space of two days.

He received precautionary treatment for the thorny-headed worm with Levacide and Baytril, but towards the end of his treatment he developed ringworm, losing spines in some places in his body, and with crusty lumps forming on his nose.

He underwent regular and highly comical Imaverol spraying sessions (he is a wriggler which makes this treatment a chore) and is also received Itrafungol to combat this. The treatment proved to be very successful with the crusty lumps all gone, and just one or two small patches without any prickles at pre-release.

Stan holds the current record for largest overnight weight gain, piling on a ridiculous 87g in one 24 hour period, ending 8 November 2012. His development from admission to now has been incredibly rapid, indicating he was a very underweight and malnourished juvenile upon admission.

A fortuitous extended spell of milder night time temperatures enabled us to get a 1kg Stan into a pre-release pen, sharing with a hibernating Cecil. Both hogs have suffered from ringworm in the past, so it was helpful to keep the two of them together.

Whilst it took Stanley a while to settle down (he ballooned considerably in weight), he did eventually hibernate during our exceptionally cold winter in early 2013, bunking up with Cecil. Thankfully he did not suffer any recurrence of his ringworm, despite Cecil succumbing during his extremely lengthy hibernation.

With temperatures finally increasing in early April 2013, and with Cecil removed indoors to commence another bout of ringworm treatment, the pen was lifted to allow Stan the freedom of Snape Wood, which he took to immediately. Whilst he did not venture far on his first night, returning to the safety of the pen, he disappeared the following night.

The pen was kept open for a few more days as a precautionary measure, but with night-time temperatures set to stabilise just above freezing and then to increase, we think the ladies of Snape Wood best beware – Stan is a big boy and is ready for lurve…