2013/06 – Tiggy

female Autumn juvenile
date admitted 5 Nov 12
pre-release 11 May 13
released 6 Jun 13

weight on admission 232g
weight at 4 Dec 12 580g
weight at pre-release 598g
weight at release 539g

Found in a garden in Keyworth, Tiggy was one of two orphans discovered 10 days after the gruesome discovery of their dead mother. Tiggy’s brother, Winkle, sadly was too weak to survive and passed away within two days of admission.

Tiggy was then buddied up with Acorn, a juvenile female of a similar size, due to space limitations, but sadly she passed away too.

Tiggy was moved to a smaller hutch on 10 November 2012, but struggled to put weight on. Preventative treatment for thorny-headed worms was given, which resulted in significant, if slow, weight gains.

As it is unclear how the hedgehog family had gained access to the garden they were found in, Tiggy will be released at a new site in 2013, as she will need to be overwintered here at the Lodge.

Tiggy hibernated for most of the winter, and due to a backlog of releases, coupled with poor weather, she did not make it into pre-release until early May, weighing 598g.

Tiggy returned to Keyworth, a few streets away from where she was found, on 6 June 2013