2013/04 – Leigh

female Autumn juvenile
date admitted 3 Nov 12
into pre-release 14 Dec 12
released 21 Apr 13

weight on admission 421g
weight at 4 Dec 12 832g
weight at pre-release 927g
weight at release 735g

Discovered in Wollaton along with Milly, Joan and Robyn, Leigh was at that tricky weight of ‘do we bring her in or not ?’, coming in at 421g. It was determined she should be kept in with a view to fattening her up and attempting to get her back out into the wild this side of Christmas, although due to a spell of very cold weather this proved impossible.

Early signs were encouraging – she packed on 50g in her first night ! A faecal smear showed no parasites on 6 November 12, but a repeat test on 7 November 2012 revealed a high burden of capillaria roundworm eggs. She received Baytril and Ivomec to combat this, with her treatment completed by 21 November.

Since the treatment stopped she has packed on the weight, and was able to be released into a shared pen with Cher during a mild spell of evening temperatures in December, when she promptly hibernated within 24 hours !

Leigh returned home to Wollaton on 21 April 2013 after a lengthy lie-in until mid-April.