2013/05 – Millie, Joan & Robyn

female Autumn juveniles
date admitted 3 Nov 12
weights on admission Millie 275g, Joan 264g, Robyn 326g
weights at 4 Dec 12 Millie 608g, Joan 542g, Robyn 683g
Robyn into pre-release 23 Dec 12, weight 972g
Robyn released 21 Apr 13, weight 992g
Millie into pre-release 23 Apr 13, weight 855g
Millie released 11 May 13, weight 980g
Joan into pre-release 23 Apr 13, weight 762g
joan released 11 May 13, weight 772g

These three teenage sisters were rescued from a garden in Wollaton after being closely monitored for a few days. The finders weighed Millie and Joan and, as they were both below 300g, rescued them. On the night they were bringing them over they did a sweep of the garden and discovered Robyn too, and rescued her as well.

The three of them shared a cage until 2 December 2012, but due to the huge difference in size between the smallest, Joan, and the largest, Robyn, Robyn was isolated in her own cage. She was moved into a pre-release pen on 23 Dec 2012, and after a solid hibernation was returned to Wollaton on 21 April 2013 weighing a commendable 992g.

All three received treatment for capillaria roundworm during their stay with us, which was discovered in a sample taken on 8 November 2012. Ivomec and Baytril were used to combat this.

Sadly, Millie and Joan then fell out, with Millie biting Joan’s leg, leading to an infection which we successfully treated. The two of them were separated, as again, a big weight difference had developed between the two of them.

Millie hibernated indoors for most of the winter, whilst Joanie only had ‘fits and starts’, although this was due to her continued treatment. Once the treatment finished, she did eventually settle down.

Millie and (a much feistier) Joanie were finally reunited in a pre-release pen on 23 April 2012 without incident, and returned to Wollaton to be released on 11 May 2013.