2013/05 – Grubs

male Autumn juvenile – dog bite injuries
date to be admitted 7 Nov 12
into pre-release 14 Dec 12
released 3 May 2013

weight on admission – 390g
weight at 4 Dec 12 – 724g
weight at 14 Dec 12 – 941g
weight at release – 1100g

Grubs was taken to Byron Veterinary Clinic on 7 November 12 after the finder’s dog attacked him in a garden in Chesterfield. He was knocked out by Byron’s who discovered several small puncture wounds. Thanks to the fast action of the finder, and the immediate treatment of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, Grubs has made a full recovery.

A poo sample taken on 11 November revealed a burden of capillaria eggs (roundworm), and Grubs received Ivomec and Baytril for this. He completed his treatment on 25 November 2012, and is now developing into a big fat lump, whose weight and food intake will be monitored closely to prevent obesity.

A lucky spell of mild night-time temperatures enabled us to get him out into a pre-release pen in December to try to encourage him to hibernate.

Grubs returned to a gorgeous nature reserve backing onto the finder’s garden, who is also going to warn all residents in the area to keep their dogs in at night time. He will receive supported feeding for the first few days if required, but we suspect he’ll be off looking for lurve as soon as he can !