2013/04 – Jessie

female Autumn juvenile
date admitted 14 Nov 12
into pre-release 14 Apr 13
released 21 Apr 13

weight on admission 253g
weight at 4 Dec 12 602g
weight at pre-release 814g
weight at release 849g

Jessie was rescued by the RSPCA and came to us via our friends at Byron Veterinary Clinic. Unfortunately, we do not know which part of Nottinghamshire she was found. She spent winter with us as she had some distance to go before she reached an adequate weight for hibernation.

An early faecal smear test revealed no obvious worm burden but we were concerned to note blood in the poo. We commenced treatment for thorny-headed worms as a precaution, which resulted in significant weight gains.

She went into pre-release on 14 April 2013, sharing a pen with Edwina. Cue much snorting and argy-bargy most nights ! Jessie was released into Snape Wood on 21 April 2013 weighing 849g.