2013/04 – Edwina

Female Autumn juvenile
date admitted 20 Nov 12
pre-release 23 Dec 12
released in Edwinstowe 23 Apr 13

weight on admission 366g
weight at 4 Dec 12 711g
weight at pre-release 998g
weight at release 1189g

Discovered in Edwinstowe, Edwina was taken to Byron Veterinary Clinic in Nottingham and picked up by us.

We discovered Edwina was riddled with both crenosoma and capillaria worms, and she began treatment immediately, this process taking 15 days from admission to be completed.

By the time her treatment was completed on 4 December 2012, Edwina had reached a stonking 711g. She will be overwintered here before returning to Edwinstowe in the Spring, but was moved to an outdoor pen with Robyn on 23 December 2012 during a mild spell, by which time she was just 2g shy of a kilo !

Robyn went back to Wollaton on 21 April 2013, so Edwina was joined by KIm for a couple of days. She promptly moved in with Edwina, so when it was time for Edwina to return home, Kim went along too.

Edwina weighed a very commendable 1189g when she went home, not bad considering she hibernated for three months. When she emerged from hibernation she weighed 925g, but piled on some serious weight in the two weeks prior to her release.