2013/04 – Kim

female Autumn juvenile
date admitted 10 Dec 12
pre-release 14 Apr 12
released in Edwinstowe 23 Apr 12

weight on admission 294g
weight at pre-release 1021g
weight at release 963g

A late discovery, Kim was discovered by a dog-walker at night in West Bridgford, scuttling around trying to find food.

Concerned about the small size, the finder picked up Kim and brought her over to Snuffle Lodge – luckily we had a spare cage to pop her into.

Of immediate concern was the presence of a loop of nylon string which Kim had got tangled around her throat. We were able to remove this carefully and luckily for Kim this appears to have been caught in time, as it could have caused her serious problems as she got bigger.

She was also found to have a burden of capillaria and crenosoma worms, so is now undergoing worming treatment. She will stay with us over winter and will be released to a new site as the finder was not able to accept KIm back due to having a curious dog.

Kim briefly shared a pre-release pen with Jessie, before Jessie was released after a week. Kim was moved into Edwina’s pen, and the two of them seemed to hit it off, choosing to share a box, rather than have one each.

Kim left with Edwina to start a new life in Edwinstowe on 23 April 2012.