2013/06 – Vic

Autumn juvenile
date admitted 27 Dec 12
pre-release 23 Apr 13
released 6 Jun 13

weight on admission 516g
weight at pre-release 1316g
weight prior to release (1 Jun 13) 1158g

Poor little Vic was found in a drain in Bulwell. Vic was an Autumn juvenile who appeared to have been disturbed during hibernation, or who opted to go for a little wander during the milder night time temperatures.

Vic was in good condition and stayed indoors with us for four months, during which time he hibernated very briefly.

He was treated for woms, and piled on the weight indoors. Always a very shy hog, Vic was popped into a soft-release pen on 23 April 2013 ahead of his return to the wild. However, he promptly hibernated, accurately forecasting a cold spell of weather !

He took a while to stir from hibernation, and even then went back into hibernation whilst we froze during May. He was up and about in early June, and due to the construction work taking place at the Lodge for 5 weeks, his house was removed from the pen he was in, and relocated to the Lodge garden. It remains to be seen whether he will hang about, but we reckon the noise and disturbance may encourage him.

We had wanted to return him from whence he came but the short notice we had of the works meant we had to act quickly – his release site is about a mile from where he was found, so we reckon he may find his way back to his own patch before too long – he is marked with a white V on his back.