2013/08 – Fluffy

male orphan – 188g on admission
date admitted 20 July 2013
date released 11 August 2013 (Snape Wood)

weight at 20 July 2013 207g
weight at 26 July 2013 290g
weight at pre-release 6 August 2013 502g

Fluffy was a right character with an interesting rescue. He kept attempting to enter the Tesco store in Netherfield during the day. He was rescued on 15 July by an employee at Pets At Home who took him to her vets, where she received great advice on what to feed the little fella.

Fluffy grew quickly and was put into pre-release on 6 August 2013. It proved not possible to return him to Netherfield due to the busy main roads near to where he was found, so he was released into Snape Wood on 11 August 2013 – it’s always useful to add new genes to the local pool of hedgehogs.