2013/08 – Jack & Holly

male and female orphans – 66g and 70g on admission
date admitted 13 July 2013
date released 26 August 2013

weights at 20 July Jack 93g, Holly 96g
weights at 26 July Jack 136g, Holly 139g
weights at 2 Aug Jack 158g, Holly 159g
weights at 10 Aug Jack 320g, Holly 290g
weights at 18 Aug (pre-release) Jack 437g, Holly 421g
weights at 26 Aug Jack 577g, Holly 558g

These two little munchkins were our first little babies of the year (due to our enforced closure in June/July) and herald from Watnall.

They were found out during the day and at admission still had their eyes closed. Within 24 hours they had turned into two mischievous little urchins, receiving 3-hourly feeds. By 16 July 2013 both were lapping for themselves, and then graduated onto a mixture of puppy milk formula (Babydog) and recovery diet.

By 23 July they had been completely weaned and moved onto recovery diet and water. Development was slow, but they suddenly turned the corner on 3 August following a complete change of diet, and packed on the pounds at an incredible rate.

On 18 August they moved to a pre-release pen, and successfully loaded on another 140g apiece, a weight gain of 20g per day, before their return with their finder to Watnall on 26 August.