2013/08 – Jay

male orphan – admitted 13 July 2013 weighing 122g
date admitted 13 July 2013
date released 26 August 2013

weight at 20 July 2013 177g
weight at 26 July 2013 272g
weight at 2 August 2013 370g
weight at pre-release 11 August 2013 554g
weight at release 26 August 2013 816g

Jay came to us from Blidworth, aged about 2-3 weeks.

He dived straight into a plate full of cat food and had a good appetite for one so little, although his weight gains were not huge at the start. However, he soon absolutely packed the weight on.

After a text book development, he went into pre-release on 11 August 2013, but was unable to return to Blidworth due to the finder’s circumstances (moving home came at the wrong time). As he was showing signs of stress, he was released into the Lodge garden, weighing a chunky 816g, on 26 August 2013.