2013/08 – Sniffles

female orphan 167g
date admitted 10 Jul 13
date released 6 Aug 13

weight at 20 Jul 13 260g
weight at 26 Jul 13 395g
weight at pre-release 30 Jul 13 425g
weight at 4 Aug 13 507g

Our first admission after re-opening following noisy and disruptive external insulation work, Sniffles was discovered out during the day in Sneinton. She was extremely wobbly, but the finders followed the advice on our website and ensured the hog was kept warm and had access to fluids.

By the time she was admitted she had perked up considerably, and is a bundle of frenetic energy. She tried eating her way out of a small cage so was put into a giant cage where she was free to cause chaos.

She did very well, development wise, but it was not possible to return her to Sneinton, so she was released into Snape Wood – she disappeared on her first night of freedom and never returned, which is pretty normal behaviour (no, we’re not offended !)