2013/09 – Sandy

male orphan 65g
date admitted 20 Jul 13
into pre-release 8 Sep 13
released 22 Sep 13

weight at 21 Jul 13 74g
weight at 26 Jul 13 91g
weight at 2 Aug 13 161g
weight at 10 Aug 13 204g
weight at pre-release 8 Sep 13 525g
weight at release 22 Sep 13 745g

The sole survivor of a litter of four from Sandiacre, Sandy arrived in a very weakened state, unable to walk more than a few steps without falling over.

He readily took to the syringe, and initially received regular feeds. He was also capable of lapping for himself, suggesting he was a little older (maybe 2-3 weeks) than he looks (1-2 weeks).

He grew out of the falling over, but his development was still very slow, not helped by his initial refusal to eat ‘grown up’ food.

Once he’d been moved to a rabbit hutch, he soon piled on the pounds. Always a very grumpy hedgehog, Sandy would hiss, snort, huff and puff anytime we went near him.

Thankfully he did start piling on the calories, and was moved to pre-release on 8 September 2013, and returned to Kimberley two weeks later, a rather plump 745g.