2013/08 – Lyndy Lou

female orphan 124g
date admitted 14 Jul 13
date released 13 Aug 13

weight at 20 Jul 13 180g
weight at 26 Jul 13 312g
weight at 2 Aug 13 409g
weight at pre-release 7 Aug 13 479g
weight at release 13 Aug 528g

Found wandering about during the day in a garden in Nuthall, Lyndy Lou was admitted aged about 2-3 weeks. She quickly progressed to munching cat food (and lots of it), and developed at the normal rate of around 10g per day, although this stepped up to around 20-30g per day from 21 July.

She went into a pre-release pen on 7 August 2013 and returned home on 13 August 2013 for a life in the wild. Lyndy-Lou was a model lodger, developing quickly and normally without fuss. All we had to do was feed her, house her and clean her out – if only all hogs were this easy to deal with.