2013/09 – Brick, Minni & Froch

two female and one male orphan, weights Froch (female) 106g, Brick (female) 117g, Minni (male) 121g
date admitted 21 Jul 13
date released Minni 18 Aug 13
date released Froch 26 Aug 13
date released Brick 8 Sep 13
weights at 26 July 2013 Froch 116g, Brick 131g, Minni 178g
weights at 2 Aug 2013 Froch 162g, Brick 194g, Minni 267g
weights at 10 Aug 13 Froch 244g, Brick 263g, Minni 397g
weight at pre-release 14 Aug 13 – Minni 469g
weight at 17 Aug 13 – Minni 539g
weight at pre-release 20 Aug 13 – Froch 442g
weight at release 26 Aug 13 – Froch 527g
weight at release 8 Sep 13 – Brick 642g

These three mischievous bundles came to us from Newthorpe after being seen out and about with their mother for a few nights previously.  Unfortunately, mum disappeared leaving the three little rascals to fend for themselves.

Poor little Froch arrived in a critical condition, but a quick warm on a hot water bottle and administering of rehydration fluid resulted in a dramatic transformation. After resting up on a heatpad, she soon snuggled up with her brother and sister, and within 24 hours was causing chaos aplenty in their shared cage.

They were on a diet of recovery diet mixed with rehydration fluid, together with a separate dish of cat food. As the only male, Minni quickly put weight on at a faster rate than his sisters, and was separated to ensure the girls could pack the weight on.

Brick and Froch also had to be split up as Froch, the smallest of the three, was being bullied and was not getting enough food. They went their separate ways on 1 August. We attempted a reunion on 8 August 2013 as their weights equalised, but it wasn’t to be – Froch made it known in no uncertain terms she was a loner, so they were separated after 10 minutes.

Minni was the first of the three to move to an outside pre-release pen on 14 August 2013. He was returned home to Newthorpe four days later as it was clear he was keen to go.

Froch was the next to make it outdoors on 20 August 2013 and like her brother was in a hurry to go – she was returned to Newthorpe on 26 August 2013.

Brick went into pre-release on 27 August 2013 and returned home on 8 September 2013 weighing 642g.