2013/09 – Winifred

Adult female – noisy breathing
date admitted 19 Aug 13
into pre-release 31 Aug 13
released 22 Sep 13

weight on admission 931g
weight at release 1137g

This big girl was discovered on a doorstep in Bilborough, making a fearful racket as she breathed in and out. She was taken to our vets and we collected her the same day.

Noisy breathing is usually a sign of either a current or previous lungworm infestation, so she had regular samples taken for testing, although due to considerable constipation (relieved by adding probiotic powder to her food) we had to wait over 48 hours.

Despite scrupulous poo-testing, we found no evidence of a worm burden in Winifred. She was on anti-biotics for a week, but the rattle she has is still present, strengthening our view she has permanent scarring on the lungs from a previous infestation. She started poo-ing regularly (unlike when she came in), is very active, oh and she only has one eye (not mentioned that before).

We saw no reason to keep her indoors, so she went into a pre-release pen for further monitoring. We’ didn’t hear one single cough out of her, and she put on weight, so she was returned to Bilborough, chunkier but not flabbier – when she curled there was no overhang of flesh !