2011/05 – Johnny

Johnny (male)

admitted 25 Nov 10
pre-release 20 Mar 11
pre-release Wilford 24 Apr 11
released 16 May 11

weight : on admittance 340g, weight at pre-release 20 Mar 11 986gm, weight at transfer to Wilford 24 Apr 11 858g

Found out at night by the rescuers’ front door in Strelley, Johnny is a rather shy little male hog. The rescuers fed him and kept him warm and safe before delivering him to us. He underwent a worming regime which, as often happens, resulted in a slight weight loss. The good news is he steadily regained weight, and is now looking happy and healthy. After overwintering (and no hibernating !) and trying everything within his power to eat his way out of his large cage, Johnny was granted the first Snuffle Lodge pre-release of 2011, ahead of schedule due to warm night time temperatures, on 20 March. He clocked in at a massive 986g pre-pre-release and was in lovely condition. He then promptly hibernated ! With dry weather dominating in Bulwell on 22 April 2011 when he finally stirred, and his usual ‘hang-time’ on the side of the pre-release pen, something he often did when in indoors (he would climb up the wiring and just hang there), the decision was taken to move him to Laura’s pre-release site in Wilford, where they had the benefit of a heavy deluge of rain. He left after about two weeks after having a little hibernate prior to his life back in the wild. Good luck Johnny.